Peach State Cornhole seeks to facilitate a relaxed, friendly atmosphere.  Good sportsmanship is expected.  Making noise or motions that would distract your opponents or players on neighboring courts is prohibited. Continued unsportsmanlike behavior can result in forfeiture of games, and possible expulsion from the league.


  • Teams may have as many players as they'd like on the roster.
  • Roster changes will not be allowed after week 2. 
  • If a player participates and is not listed on the roster, the result is a forfeit.
  • Players are not permitted to play in the Ringers, Slingers, and Dingers divisions on multiple teams at the same league location. (*Players can play on different teams in different divisions as long as they are in different league locations.*)


  • Teams are encouraged to play in the division which they believe they most appropriately "fit". Each division has a description when teams register for a league, tournament or event, which teams can then determine the level they should play.
  • Teams are encouraged to play to their highest potential so all teams within a league, tournament or event are playing on an even playing field with opponents.
  • Team that place top 3 in their current division at the season ending state tournament will be required to move up to the next possible division for the next participating season that they are in. (*Note: If a team does not finish in the top 3 in the next participating season, they will have the option to move back to the previous division they participated in.)  

Rescheduling and Forfeit Policy

  • We expect you to be here every week, but we will reschedule one match per season for you. 
  • If possible, we like matches to be made up in advance.  Let's say that you already know in week 5 you are going to be on vacation.  Let the league manager know and coordinate with the other team to make up the match in week 3 or 4.  Report the score to your manager in person before leaving.
  • For last minute circumstances, all reschedule requests must be made 48 hours in advance by emailing us a  Put schedule in the subject.  We will inform the other team and schedule the match for the following week.
  • If you don't show up, and no attempt is made to reschedule your match, you forfeit.
  • Please communicate with us.  No one likes to show up and not have a match-up for the night.  We are working hard to create the best playing experience for everyone.

Field and Equipment

  • Official Peach State Cornhole boards and bags will be provided.
  • Teams may use their own bags. If a team does not have bags, standard Peach State Cornhole bags are available for use. 
  • Each court consists of 2 boards and 8 bags.
  • Boards will be placed 27' apart, measured from the front of the board.


  • The object of the game is to be the first team to reach 21 points. Three points are awarded if a bag is thrown in the hole; one point if on the board.


  • Round - A round is complete when all eight bags are thrown.
  • Game - Teams compete until one team reaches or exceeds 21 at the end of a round.
  • Match - The winner of the best of 3 games.
  • Side - The position of the player to the left or right of the board
  • End - The position of the player in relation to both game boards

How to Play

  • Begin the game with a coin flip or play rock, paper, scissors between the two captains. The winner gets the first toss and chooses the color of their bags.
  • Players may decide which side to stand on. If both players desire the same side, a coin flip will decide which player will stand on the left or right of the board. Teammates must stand on the same directional side.
  • After each game, all players must switch ends and stay on the same directional side
  • Players may only sub in and out between games, they may not sub in between rounds.
  • Teams alternate throws until all (8) bags are thrown
  • The foul line is defined by the front of the boards. All players' feet must remain behind the foul line when attempting a throw. Any foul line violation results in the bag thrown being removed from the board
  • The team that scores the most points in a round throws first in the next round.
  • If the round is tied, the last team to win a round throws first


  • Scores are counted at the end of a around, once all 8 bags are thrown.
  • 1 point is awarded for any bag thrown that is on the board.
  • 3 points are awarded for any bag that drops through the hole.
  • If a bag touches the ground, it is not counted and should be removed.
  • The team with the most points wins the round and subtracts the other team's score from theirs. The difference is added to the team's score that won the round.
  • Example: After all 8 bags are thrown, the round is complete. The blue team scored 7 points and red team scored 4 points. The blue team is awarded 3 points for that round (7 minus 4).
  • The first team to reach or exceed 21 points at the end of a round wins.
  • You are not required to win by 2 or more points.


  • If a foul occurs during the regular course of play during a regular season match up, tournament match up or promotional or hosted event match up, players are encouraged to discuss the issue with each other first to try and resolve the foul.
  • Players can request the manager to give them a rule confirmation or a specified resolution for a foul if required, and then proceed with the corrective measure before the next bag is thrown.
  • Once the next bag is thrown, the foul cannot be overturned if the ruling would require a re-throw or a loss of turns. The players will finish the frame (inning) that they are in as normal rules dictate from that point forward.
  • If a resolution to a foul is not reached and a bag is thrown in error while the rule may be discussed or receiving clarification on, the manager reserves the right to wipe out the result of a frame (inning) and have the teams start the frame (inning) over under the correct throwing order and correct playing rules.
  • Players can request a protest or rule confirmation from a Peach State Cornhole manager at the time the problem occurs. 
  • The ruling of the league manager is final with no exceptions.


  • A team's wins and losses will act as the primary tiebreak and standing rule.
  • If teams have the same wins and losses record, the 'Points Scored Differential (PSD)' will be used to break the tie.
  • If teams have the same wins and losses record AND the same PSD, the 'Head-to-Head (H2H)' result will be used to break the tie (*IF* only 2 teams are tied; if 3+ teams remain tied, the H2H will be dropped from consideration).
  • If teams have the same wins and losses record, the same PSD AND the teams have not played each other directly, a coin flip between teams will resolve the tie. *If 3+ teams remain tied, all ties will be resolved by a progressive coin flip between teams until each seed is determined.
  • Tiebreaks are considered only at season-end and will be declared final for seeding purposes for tournaments run by Peach State Cornhole that require regular season outcomes to determine tournament seedings.

Can't Find A Rule?

All rules not specifically defined in the above Peach State Cornhole Rules will be deferred to the official American Cornhole League Rules and Regulations.

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