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Where can I find rules for the league?
We have a complete set of rules available to avoid confusion.

Do I need to be a "good" Cornhole player to play in a Peach State Cornhole League?
Peach State Cornhole is a social league first and foremost! We cater to all skill levels from the person just learning how to play all the way to the player who can make 2-4 bags per round! If the league becomes large enough and enough teams declare themselves for on of our skill level qualifications, we will split the league into skill divisions to make sure you get the most out of your Peach State Cornhole experience!

What do I need to bring? 
Bring your awesomeness! In other words, boards, bags, and scoreboards are provided and setup by our awesome league managers...all you've got to do is show up!

How do I register a team? 
You can register your team(s) of 2-4 players by clicking on the location you desire to play in on our main page and then follow the registration prompts to complete your registration process!

Do I have to play with a team?
Peach State Cornhole is a social-team Cornhole league, however, if you don't have a team or just want to meet new friends simply sign up as a Free Agent when registering for the location you desire to play at. Peach State Cornhole will then pair you with another Free Agent or one of the already registered teams in the league who are looking to meet new friends as well!

What happens if a team doesn't show up?
All boards will be set up 30 minutes prior to the first set of scheduled games. If a team does arrive late, we allow a match to start 10 minutes past the scheduled time. When a team does not show up, without notifying Peach State Cornhole, the result is a forfeit, and the present team wins with a score of 2 - 0. Please see our rescheduling policy on the rules page.

Does Peach State Cornhole keep up with the standings? 
Each week your league manager will report the scores to our website and update the location standings (which can be found here Standings).

What does Peach State Cornhole offer it's players? 
Depending on the location you choose to participate in, the location sponsors and prize sponsors may provide weekly 'Player of the Week' prizes or discounts (on food or drinks, etc) and offers for their establishments in partnership with Peach State Cornhole. Check the main page for a list of our locations and their location sponsors for more details.

What prizes do we play for? 

Each week our 'Player of the Week' at each location will win prizes from Peach State Cornhole and our location sponsors (if a sponsor is available for your league location). Each season is different, but we partner with awesome prize partners who we love and know you will to! Spring Season '17 will have prizes from Big Green Egg, Durhamtown Off Road Resort and Skydive Spaceland - Atlanta, (just to name a few)!

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